Top Notch Turtles: Your Turtle Information Hub

Hi there and welcome to Top Notch Turtles! This site aims to be the number one resource for turtle enthusiasts on the internet.

Our Mission

Top Notch Turtles is dedicated to turtle welfare around the world. Our mission is to help make a better world for domestic, as well as wild turtles.

We aim to educate people around the world on proper turtle care, and make it as easy as possible.

Our Review Process

As we review our favorite turtle related products on this site, we have a very strict review policy.

First, we consult one of the veterinarians that we are in contact with to see if they approve of the product.

If they do, we personally have one of our team members order the product to test it out. The product is graded in multiple categories like durability, price, quality, etc.

If the product passes all of our different tests, we will then feature it on our site.

Site Categories

The site is broken up into a couple different categories as you can see below.

Recommended Turtle Gear

In this section you can see all of my favorite turtle gear. Everything from tanks, to food, to lamps are covered here.

  • turtle food
  • turtle tanks
  • turtle UV lights
  • water filter
  • basking dock

Types of Turtles

  • Red eared sliders
  • Tortoise
  • Sea turtles
  • Box turtles
  • Snapping turtles
  • Painted turtle
  • Softshell turtle
  • Slider turtle
  • Spotted turtle
  • Leatherback sea turtles
  • Pond turtles
  • Yellow bellied sliders

Turtle Care

In this section you’ll see guides on popular types of turtles and turtle care. Check out our most popular posts: