Are you a turtle enthusiast? Then you’re in the right place. My name is Diane, and me along with the other people that write for the site, have over 20 years of experience with pet turtles.

Pets like dogs and cats are way more popular than turtles. Because of this, we felt that there was a lack of quality information out there for turtle owners. With topnotchturtles.com we aim to be the number one resource on the internet when it comes to turtle care.

We had already been sharing knowledge on the subject of turtles for many years with friends and finally decided to make a site to share with the public. On our site you’ll learn about a variety of turtle related topics. Everything from turtle product reviews, to facts about different types of turtles will be covered.

Why Trust TopNotchTurtles?

We are a free resource that offers expert, researched information on everything to do with turtles. Our team writes guides, tips, and reviews pet products for owners of every species of turtle.

This website is a collection of over 20 years of turtle experience. We aim to be one of the most accurate and reliable sources when it comes to turtles.

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