How Long Can a Red-Eared Slider Go Without Food?

how long can a red eared slider go without food

Red-eared slider turtles are fascinating creatures with their beautiful striped markings and that little red stripe on either side of their head. It’s no wonder so many people like to keep them as pets. But, you might be wondering how long your red-eared slider can actually live without food. Maybe you’re planning your next vacation … Read more

How to Hatch & Take Care of Snapping Turtle Eggs (Full Guide)

how to hatch and take care of snapping turtle eggs

Snapping turtles are a unique turtle breed that are best known for their powerful jaws. These turtles are aquatic and prefer slow-moving water bodies with mud at the bottom. This allows these turtles to hide from other dangerous predators quite easily. A snapping turtle that’s heading out to lay eggs may behave a bit aggressively. … Read more

Do Red Eared Slider Turtles Hibernate in the Winter?

do red eared sliders hibernate in the winter

Red-Eared Slider Turtles are commonly kept as pets and are usually easy to care for; however, many owners are concerned about how well they can withstand cold temperatures during the winter months. While it’s true that Red-Eared Sliders are amphibians and therefore cannot tolerate extremely low temperatures, they do not hibernate in the same way … Read more

How Long Can a Red-Eared Slider Live Without Water?

how long can a red eared slider live without water

It’s a cold, rainy day outside and you sit there and watch your red-eared slider basking on a rock under the sun lamp. You wish you could switch places and get some of that sunshine. You might wonder, how long can a red-eared slider live without water? Red-eared sliders are regarded as semi-aquatic animals. That … Read more

Why is My Turtle Not Eating?

why is my turtle not eating

Turtle owners will commonly experience the problem of their pet not eating. This has happened to me several times with multiple turtles. I wrote this guide to help other people who are experiencing this problem. What is wrong with my turtle? Your turtle may not be eating for several reasons. There may be something wrong … Read more